Is It a Good Idea To Waive a Home Inspection?

“It’s crazy not to get a home inspection”. These very words were heard recently on the TODAY SHOW and it’s comforting knowing we’re not alone in this sentiment. In this anything-goes housing market, there is a myriad of unorthodox things happening, and waiving the home inspection is an unfortunate trend. As responsible, rational consumers, isn’t it reasonable to spend .1% of the home price to verify its condition? Of course it is and we are starting to witness a backlash to this trend as people settle into their new homes and regret not having them inspected.

One of our main objectives as home inspectors is to check to make sure the home is safe. Almost every inspection turns up something unsafe in a home from exposed and faulty wiring, gas leaks, sewage leaks in crawl spaces, unsafe decking and the list goes on. A home inspection which takes approximately 2-3 hours is somehow deemed an obstacle to a sale. The backlash we are seeing is from homebuyers who move into their new home and after living there for a short period realize that there is something wrong that they did not see before moving in. Some things we’ve seen recently are burst water heaters in attics, major roof leaks after heavy rains, homes with no heating system installed and faulty plumbing drains backing up sewage into bathtubs. All of these would have been discovered with a home inspection.

The main culprit seems to be “flip houses”. These are homes purchased by investors for a song then the investors hire someone to fix them up and sell them. Generally, the contractor is not adept in all fields but is adept in cosmetically fixing the home. Many home buyers walk into the home and see beautiful new carpet, paint, bath and kitchen fixtures and new appliances. Many of these flippers never even enter the crawl space or attic and most of the homes are old and have hidden problems.

This is where the home inspector’s value comes into play. We find the hidden or not easily seen or identified often costly or unsafe defects. Don’t get stuck with a lemon home. Have your potential purchase inspected by a licensed, insured home inspection company like Summit Home Inspections in Norfolk, Virginia, and feel good about your purchase.

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