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I remember back in the 1990s buying a home and following the home inspector our agent had recommended we hire, through our potential new home. Our final report was pre-printed sheets with boxes and lines where the home inspector checked a box and then described the deficiencies he found. I signed the inspection agreement in person and paid him a check. The final report was mailed to us several days later.

Fast forward 28 years and here I am with a home inspector license climbing roofs, opening electrical panels, and GI Joeing through crawlspaces. The Standards of Practice and methods of inspecting haven’t changed, but the tools certainly have. The best tool I possess besides a high lumen flashlight is my iPhone and inspection software. Instead of sheets of paper, we now have software on our phones that allows us to create a digital report. I use Spectora software after reviewing and trying several others and let me say I couldn’t live without it. Spectora is a state of the art software that allows me to schedule the inspection, email my clients the inspection agreement, take pictures and videos of the systems of the home and their deficiencies. I can get paid through the software by credit card. The report which includes descriptions, pictures, and videos is generated and emailed to my client after I have completed inspecting the entire home and its systems 100% – often right on site! Here is a sample report. Spectora also built our website.

If you are purchasing a home and want the best, most thorough home inspection in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Sandbridge, Portsmouth or the surrounding areas let Summit Home Inspections be your home inspector and your home buying advocate and create the best report for you.

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