Why Should You Hire a Home Inspector?

This week Clay and I tag-teamed a home inspection in Norfolk. When we asked the buyer if she had any concerns she said she is allergic to mold. While inspecting the attic, we noticed a white, dusty substance on some of the rafters and collar ties. As licensed and insured home inspectors we are not required by the InterNACHI Standards of Practice to report “the presence of mold, mildew or fungus.”   We are however always on the lookout for the presence of moisture and if we see what appears to be mold we will mention it. Upon discovering the white substance we asked if they would like a mold test done. This is one of the extra services we offer. Sure enough, it came back positive. Facilitated by the real estate agent, the owner has offered to remediate the mold and the sale will go through.

Mold Inspections
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